How To Fix Google Chrome Download “Virus Scan Failed” Error.

Google chrome is one of the fastest browser to surf the internet and to download stuffs online, sometime you get an error when you download any thing from web that is “Failed- Virus Scan Failed” this error occurs when google chrome becomes unable to check for the security certificate for any download from their publisher.

This happens due to virus or malware on your computer which may be any adware or browser virus or hijacker.
This is annoying when you download any antivirus to scan your computer but this is also unable to download.
Here is best solution for this problem

Step 1. Press Windows button + R key at the same time
and you will get “Run” dialog box.

Step 2. Type “regedit” and hit ok. Now you will get registry editor window.

Step 3. Navigate to-
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >SOFTWARE >Microsoft >Windows >CurrentVersion >Policies >Attachments

by expanding the folder tree.

Step 4. Now double click on “ScanWithAntivirus” registry key and change its value to “1” which is by default “3“. Changing the key value to “1” actually tells the browser not to scan for the downloaded program or files.